latest news:i reworked my site AGAIN! i am a masochist for coding
welcome :3c

Hi, i'm Milky! designer, programmer, student, and kitsune! I like anime, manga, and philosophy!

I'm a Grade 11 student at STI! I am currently taking the Humanities and Social Sciences track! I am a part of the Junior System Analysts and Programmers Club!

Fun fact: mofu mofu fuwa fuwa wasshoi

This site is kinda borked on mobile BTW so i recommend using landscape mode, a tablet, or a desktop to view this page! This page was made with Firefox/Chrome running in 1080p, 100% zoom in mind. I refuse to optimize this site.

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todo list

  1. work on my mental health
  2. backup my synthv projects
  3. add a projects page
  4. make a 404



"I know virtually nothing, except a certain small subject – love (τῶν ἐρωτικῶν), although on this subject, I'm thought to be amazing (δεινός), better than anyone else, past or present."

- Socrates, from Plato's Apology

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